Stealth Designs

Designer Alan Carwardine, has always focused his designs on fast but comfortable boats.

His current range of sailing catamarans, the STEALTH series, is no exception with stylish lines, large open living areas and easy access to side decks and foredeck.

The undercover cockpit with minimal areas open to direct sunlight cleverly maximizes air flow like no other design of its kind.

With the added advantage of excellent vision from the twin steering stations, it has functional sailing systems set up for short handed sailing making it a pure pleasure to sail.

The STEALTH catamarans are truly refined design for tropical and sub-tropical boating.

The word ‘performance’ is often abused but not with Stealth designs.


Model 12S Sailing catamaran

Model 13S Sailing catamaran

Model 13C Sailing catamaran

Model 14GT Sailing catamaran

Model 36e Power catamaran

Model 44 Power catamaran

Model 47 Power catamaran

Building Techniques and Materials

A lot of thought went into how to build the cats in an efficient way without spending a fortune on moulds and using the existing 15 Thai workers already employed at the yard plus adding another 5.

The concept was not to try and take over the world but to build semi-production, semi custom boats, up to 3 a year, to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle which was the real reason both Alan and Roger were in Phuket in the first place. (it’s always good to keep in mind what life is all about!)

Moulds were made for all curved panels including the large cabin and cockpit roof structure and an all new hull and deck mould. All flat panels are made on the large glass vacuum table.

The techniques used result in light and strong epoxy, foam cored structures with very little fairing needed.

This then made it possible to build the Stealth cats from 11.8 metres to 14 metres using the same moulds; a bit tricky with some of the larger designs but still a reasonably efficient and fast building technique.

Most internationally recognised building products are available in Thailand to build these lightweight cats and what is not, is imported from Australia, the US and China with little fuss.

The complete range of cats, including the powercats, are built using approximately 20% carbon. Asia Catamarans has concentrated on how to utilize this great but still expensive product in the needed areas only instead of the areas where, although still beneficial, it is more often used as a marketing ploy.

The materials and techniques used has enabled Alan and Roger to build very affordable cats that are stiff and strong but with weights way lower than the competition.

The OMR (Offshore Multihull Rule) sailing weights of the following Stealth designs are truly staggering

Stealth 11.8  =  2,850 kgs

Stealth 13     =  3,500 kgs

Stealth 13P   =  3,900kgs

Stealth 14GT = 4,300kgs

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