Success for newly launched Stealth, ‘Coconuts’ in the Jai Dee regatta Nov 2020

2nd place overall on OMR (offshore multihull rule) and 3rd on PHS (performance handicap system) was a great result for ‘Coconuts’ the recently launched Stealth 12 in the Phuket Yacht Club’s annual Jai Dee (good heart) regatta held the 3rd weekend in November.

The Jai Dee regatta is a 3 day/9 race, low keyed and therefore low-cost regatta with little glamour nor show bags full of T-shirts and hats but is packed full of good spirit on and off the water with some excellent and competitive racing.

In these difficult Covid times the regatta still attracted 8 monohulls and 7 multihulls.
6 of the 7 multis were pure racing boats with little accommodation and nothing onboard. ‘Coconuts’ hoisted her racing mainsail and headsail for the first time the morning of the 1st race and sailed with a lot of her cruising gear, the fridge was full of cold beers for the end of each days racing and snacks and munchies were enjoyed between races. With 3 ladies and a young 12 years old as part of the crew it really was a super enjoyable regatta.

‘Coconuts’ is Stealth hull number 20 and was designed/built for extensive tropical cruising. She is equipped with all the right gear for that job but also has excellent sailing performance in both strong and light breeze, in both downwind and upwind sailing and was pointing higher than the rest of the fleet upwind except maybe the full carbon, very fast, one-off, 11 metre trimaran on steriods, ‘Bonza,’ the overall winner of the regatta.